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Paul Polman

Chief Executive Officer of Unilever.

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I have had the honour of working with David Nabarro for many years, and have come to know David as a passionate, pragmatic and intelligent individual, with a great determination to deliver results.

I have always had great admiration for David's ability to get to the core of the matter. He also has an innate ability to bring the right people together in partnerships, and his achievements at the Scaling Up Nutrition Coalition are a testament to that.

It has been a privilege to work closely with David in the development of the Sustainable Development Goals, and now in the work needed to make the Global Goals a reality. I have greatly valued David's guidance and expertise over the year and learnt from this wealth of knowledge on this subject. We have worked together on a range of projects, from the Ebola pandemic preparedness to WASH and handwashing. It is evident in everything he does that he has both great personal and professional commitment to this critical agenda.

David has been a valued partner for many years in defining how the private sector can be brought in to deliver the SDGs, and it is because of this type of leadership that we have made progress towards achieving these ambitious goals over the past year.

I strongly support David's candidacy for the next leader of the World Health Organisation. With David's exceptional knowledge and skills, I am confident that he will excel in driving forward the WHO's critical role in the implementation of the SDGs and do everything to create a healthier and brighter future for all.

I cannot think of anyone who is better suited to take on this challenge.

Warm regards,
Paul Polman
Chief Executive Officer, Unilever

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