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Jeremy Oppenheim

Jeremy Oppenheim

Founder and managing partner of SYSTEMIQ, former senior partner at McKinsey, endorses Dr David Nabarro as next Director-General of the World Health Organization.

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David Nabarro – Leading the World Health Organisation

I have had the privilege of working with David Nabarro for many years on an astonishingly wide range of topics, from public health to agriculture through to the role of the private sector in delivering the SDGs.  David brings an unusual set of gifts to the work: results-orientation, pragmatism, humility, intellectual curiosity and a commitment to real teamwork.  He cuts to the core of what matters.  In many ways, I have found David to be the perfect servant leader - always clear about the goals that we need to achieve, but equally always willing to make someone else the hero.

David would be a wonderful leader of the World Health Organisation.  I strongly support his candidacy.  The world needs the WHO at its very best.  David would be the kind of leader that the WHO needs at such a critical juncture in its history, where the opportunity to transform global public health is extraordinary, but so are the challenges.  These are times which call for extraordinary leadership, based on a track-record of value-driven public service and distinctive delivery.  That is what David could offer.

Best wishes

Jeremy Oppenheim

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